As someone who specializes in CBT, Mindfulness and Yoga I integrate several approaches that are tailored specifically to the individual. I understand the challenges that Anxiety, OCD, Depression and Trauma can have on a person’s life and the impact it can create. Therapy can afford the individual a place to develop healthy coping strategies to overcome these obstacles and live a more joyful and productive life. It is through the therapeutic process a person will have gained insight and develop new tools to approach a variety of their issues in a more empowering way. The Therapeutic relationship is collaborative where the client will feel encouraged to develop goals they wish to achieve during the therapy process that can enhance and bring peace of mind to their lives. It will give the individual an opportunity to acquire techniques and skills that they will able to practice long after therapy has ended. In addition to therapeutic services I also provide Clinical Supervision for either candidates for their LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) or colleagues interested in receiving their own supervision

If you are looking to make a lifelong change in your life and would like some guidance to do so, please contact me.